The Dooples’ stories began in Dr. Lynn Hunter’s first grade classroom as a method to motivate young children to read and learn. Each day she told a new part of the escapades of the Dooples and the alphabet. By the end of the year, the children were reading and loved learning!


The Dooples' storybooks have been a part of classrooms around the world. 

With rhyme, rhythm and repetition, the stories, videos and music make learning entertaining and fun. The Dooples’ adventures enchant children from pre-kindergarten through grade 3.

Video Conferencing in the classroom

Interactive "Meet the author" series with Dr. Lynn Hunter

Once a child can learn to read, he or she can read to learn. “The Doople” will take its place among the most prominent children's media.  Research has indicated that the world of play is the most positive environment in which learning can take place. Accordingly, “The Dooples” is designed to integrate mathematics, reading and thinking into the world of play—the formula for establishing true literacy.