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Current advances in the electronic information and education arena, coupled with the growing desire among parents to provide enriched stimulation for their children, create the ideal platform for “The Dooples.” The children’s marketplace is exploding, as it is being re-defined. With the advent of the digital age, it is imperative that the role of the participant become pro-active. With its adaptability and compatibility to all facets of modern media technology, “The Dooples” needs to take its place among the leaders of this new, exciting, and booming frontier.

Once a child can learn to read, he or she can read to learn. Mathematics (reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking) is becoming more and more important in order to compete in our ever-changing global community. Research has indicated that the world of play is the most positive environment in which learning can take place. Accordingly, “The Dooples” is designed to integrate mathematics, reading and thinking into the world of play—the formula for establishing true literacy.

This systematic approach to learning, achieved through “edu-tainment,” is the perfect vehicle for the young child. The Dooples enhance an appreciation for literature, language, mathematics, science and social studies/skills as a total experience. Herein lies the broad base appeal for both the home and school markets.

The Dooples in the Land of Doo
As children identify with these lovable characters, they will become motivated to think, learn, and communicate. The reading and writing process unfolds as children learn literacy skills and strategies when the Dooples find a mysterious message that they have to decode. “…Once upon a time…a long, long time ago there was a land so far away that nobody has yet to find it. The name of this land was “Doo” and the people who lived there were very friendly writing tools, called “Dooples”.

While playing, one day at the Inka Plinka River, The Dooples saw something moving on the other side. Then they found something very strange. They did not know what to do? Then they thought and thought. Finally, they decided to go to Mount Petrooky, the tallest mountain in the Land of Doo, to see the wise one, Mr. Dooba Dee Doo for answers…

…and so this amazing musical animated adventure begins…


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Through the combination of entertainment and education, children may not even realize they are learning. The recognition that early literacy skills and strategies are the key to success underlies the design of each episode.

This versatility can be used to teach values such as: promoting self esteem, distinguishing right from wrong, risk – taking, making mistakes, recognizing differences, and appreciating diversity. In addition, The Dooples develop a strong conceptual base that relates to other important life skills that include survival, health and saving the environment.

“The Dooples” provides instruction essential to early language and mathematical development in an engaging manner.
It is a great way for teachers and parents to get children excited about learning. This innovative, ground-breaking educational force is now ready to enter the national market, with a 22-minute pilot episode of a musical animated children’s television show that is ready to launch.