About Our Program Creator

About Our Program’s Creator

The Dooples offers hours of interactive and academic fun. Dr. Lynn Hunter designed this children’s educational program through passion and dedication to youth literacy.

Meet Our Premier EducatorDrLynn_Hunter.color

Dr. Hunter is very passionate about working with children and helping them develop and learn. She offers a full range of integrated project-based learning programs for any grade level or content area, administrators, teachers, and students.

Work with Dr. Hunter to create peer-to-peer, national, and international projects that are available from your classroom. She attributes her achievement to her ever-present need to enrich the education and spirit of children around the world.

Lynn and Neme's kids.While others have been known to “push the envelope,” Lynn will uproot a post office or two if she perceives this as an opportunity to help children become empowered by their own awareness. She has always been motivated to make a profound difference in the lives of children.Dr. Hunter has dedicated her entire adult life to changing the way teachers educate and children learn. Starting as a classroom teacher, she moved into many different areas of the education industry. Lynn was encouraged by her colleagues to expand her sphere of influence. To that end, she became involved with many educational and technical ventures.


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